Were Really Bad About Updating Our Blog


Broadcaster and Media Director Mike Passanisi here with you updating the blog early on a Wednesday morning.  We’ve added an event to our offseason calendar for December 13 as we will host a Holiday Bazaar!  The event will run from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. here at Historic Grayson Stadium and feature a crafts fair, gift wrapping, holiday movies on our video board and more!  Admission for the event is free and if you’re interested in setting up a booth as a vendor, contact Tara Vaglica at tarav@sandgnats.com. 

Ok, official business is out of the way..oh wait..nope..one more thing.  Any bands interested in playing at our stadium before a Thursday, Friday or Saturday game during the 2009 season should also contact Tara.  We drew over 100,000 fans last season and Thursday-Saturday were by far our biggest nights.  It would be some good exposure for your band!

So what’s new around here…well…not much.  It’s been pretty cold here in Savannah over the past couple of days and it makes it really hard to run at night (that and the fact that its night time).  I think our new president-elect should propose a siesta time around the mid-afternoon so that I can go running and run errands in the daylight hours. 

Things continue to churn here at the stadium.  Groundskeeper Andy Rock has been laying new sod and is about to overseed our field here in the next couple of days.  So by the time mid-December rolls around we should have a pretty good looking field. 

Did anyone see my San Diego State Aztecs almost upset #15 Arizona State last night?  They blew a lead with four minutes to go and never recovered.  I guess that’s pretty good.  Better than the SDSU football team that loses by at least 30 points on a consistent basis. 

Time for me to get back to work. 


The Off Season…

Hello all you Sand Gnats Fans,

It has been a very long while since we last updated you on the goings on here at Historic Grayson Stadium. Although the players are no longer here, there are still a lot of things going on with the team.

Media Relations Director, Mike Passanisi, has been keeping up with former Sand Gnats players as they continue to play ball in Hawaii, Arizona and the Dominican so be sure to keep tabs on you favorite players! He has also created a few downloadable wallpapers to ensure, not only that you don’t forget what Gnate T. Gnat looks like, but also to help you plan your summer around the big Sand Gnats games in 2009.

If you have been longing to see the beautiful field and just can’t wait until April 9th (home opener against Augusta) don’t fret, there a bunch of off-season events here at Grayson. We recently hosted the Annual Small Dog Festival, and finals of the wiener dog races!! This included a costume contest, in which a cocker spaniel dressed as a mail man took home first place honors.

This coming Saturday October, 18 there is a hip-hop concert at the stadium as well as small carnival type event out side in the ticket plaza from 4-6. Make sure to come on out and say hi to the front office staff.

More fun events to plan for:
Chili Bowl Cook Off- February 28
Annual 5K- May 2

Alright well thats all for now. BUTTT i PROMISE there will be some more exciting news on the way. After all, we have to do something to keep ourselves occupied.

The Shorebirds arent on the shore!

Hello all out in internet world, broadcaster Mike Passanisi writing here from Salisbury, Md., home of the Delmarva, which stands for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, Shorebirds.  The Sand Gnats dropped the opener last night, 6-2, but look to rebound tonight with Rustich on the mound.

I’ve been a little under the weather as of late but still took some time out of my day to visit one of my favorite places, the mall.  Once again, I was left disappointed in this mall.  The mall in New Jersey was just average and this one was more of the same.  A lackluster assortment of stores and below average food court made up the Center at Salisbury.  Plus, I was misinformed by the gentleman at the front desk of our hotel on the walking distance to said mall.  He said it was one stop light down, but in reality it took almost half an hour to get there.  Luckily, the team bus was there when I wanted to leave and I got a ride back.

As for Arthur W. Perdue Stadium here in Salisbury, it’s not bad.  Built in 1997, the stadium is quaint and features a carousel located on the left field concourse.  I just had some chicken fingers as we are about to start playing here in about 15 minutes.  Nothing impressive, but maybe I just wasn’t hungry. 

I’d better get ready for the game…more from Salisbury(Delmarva) tomorrow

Hammer out

Front Office Staff takes the Field

Hey Sand Gnat fans!

Tuesday, August 12 was a monumental day for the Sand Gnat front office staff. For the past few years we have made the trip out to Sun City Retirement Community for an extremely competitive game of softball. It was not until this rainy day in August that the front office staff came away victorious. Following a lead-off triple (and superb slide) by our video production assistant Stephen Drewniany the Sand Gnats had a great first inning, including an inside the park homer by grounds keeper Andy Rock. Rock also hit a 3-run homer in the top of the second to further the lead.

Sun City made a stellar comeback in the bottom of the 5th, pulling with in 1, making the score 11-10. The Sand Gnats fought back, producing 5 runs in the top of the 6th, the max amount of runs allowed in an inning. Anchored by stellar defense the Sand Gnats held off Sun City, walking away with a 17-11 victory.

The Sand Gnats are 3-1 in competition this summer, taking first in the All-Star game Bowling tournament, as well as providing three members to the winning staff baseball game. Our only fall thus far has been a fifth place finish in our Annual Golf tournament at Lady’s Island Country Club.

We are a extremely competitive staff and are always open to a challenge. I will keep you updated pending our rematch with Sun City in early September!! Until then GO GNATS!!

On the Road…Lakewood, N.J. Day 3

Well I don’t know if anyone is reading this blog but if they are, this is broadcaster Mike Passanisi coming live from Lakewood, N.J. before game three of our series with the Lakewood BlueClaws.  I’ve been traveling with the team for the past two road trips and will continue to do so for the rest of the month of August.  So be sure to listen in as the Sand Gnats traverse the northern part of the U.S. as we have two more games in Lakewood before we head to Salisbury, Md. to face the Delmarva Shorebirds.

The bus ride was long (18 hours) but fun and we arrived in Lakewood at 2 a.m. Monday morning.  When we got to the park on Monday I was blown away by FirstEnergy Park and its awesomeness.  It’s amazing to look at the contrast in parks like Grayson, Lake Olmstead in Augusta and the one here in Lakewood.  The press box is kept quite cool and it’s been cold overall here in the North, with temperatures dropping into the low 70s high 60s at night. 

Mike Stutes was lights out last night, throwing 6.1 innings of no-hit baseball against the Gnats as the BlueClaws defeated Savannah 4-0. 

I visited the Ocean Park Mall yesterday and found myself very dissapointed.  Being a mall afficionado, this mall was lacking in some serious categories.  One, it didn’t have an Apple store, so that was a bummer.  Two, the eateries for mid-mall snacking were average at best although they did have a Ms. Fields Cookies!  Three, the quality of stores was just ok.  They had an American Eagle and Gap..all your standards but nothing outstanding.  It gets an overall grade of a C

Yesterday I also had my first experience at a Firendly’s restaurant.  The food wasn’t bad, I had a hamburger and fires.

One thing that does need to be in Savannah is a late-night convienece store of some type, a 7-Eleven or a Wawa.  They’re clutch early in the morning. 

Well, thats going to do it.  I’ve got to head to the park soon.  I’ll write when we get to Delmarva



Non-Gameday Fun

The Sand Gnats are currently on the road in Greensboro, NC then they make their way to Kannapolis, NC for four games against the Intimidators (Dale RIP).  Which means they won’t be back at Grayson until July 25 for a Friday Night Fireworks Extraveganza.  So times in the office right now are feeling a bit like offseason workdays.  In honor of these offseason feeling days I feel it only appropriate to share with the fans some of our past offseason promotional days that fell through the cracks.

-Nicolas Cage Night:  Seriously…How great would this night be?  Think of the hours of footage available for between inning Nic Cage movie footage.  Between inning promotions that have fans see who can do the best impersonations.  Player headshots that feature Cage’s face from different movies maybe?  Rumor has it that his parents are Savannah residents.  Sand Gnats Driver and Label Placer Aaron Frank is hopefully still hard at work on finding Cage himself for the first pitch. 

-American Gladiator Night:  Fans could be the contenders.  Front office staff members could be the gladiators.  Pat Shaw in full body tights……

-Bad Idea Night: This night coined by Director of Client Services and Promotions Lauren Povia was actually a tongue-in-cheek comment for a DIFFERENT idea a fellow front office staff member had presented.  Still worthy enough for this list. 

-Rap Against Aaron Frank: This is actually a promotion where fans could battle front office staff member Aaron Frank in an Eminem/8 mile style rapping contest.  Of course Frank would probabaly always win, maybe one day a young phenom will come along and take his crown. 

-Jameson Billboard:  Ok, now I guess we’re getting a little out of hand.  We’re not even talking about promotions anymore.  But hey, as many times as I’ve heard this as a possibility I had to include it in the list. 

So these are some ideas.  Maybe one day you’ll come to the ballpark and they will actually be a reality!  Until then we’ll keep striving to entertain you with fun promotional nights like these!

Come to our next home stand starting on July 25 where the Sand Gnats will take on the Ashville Tourists. 

July 3rd Fireworks Extravaganza!

Hey Sand Gnats Fans!!!

As you all know, July 4th is coming up and it is always a big deal here in Savannah. Since the 4th and the 5th each have big firework shows, we decided to have a big fireworks show here at Grayson Stadium on the 3rd so that you could have fireworks 3 nights in a row!

Not only will we have one of our biggest fireworks shows ever, but we will be hosting the Savannah Adult Baseball League’s All-Star Game. The game starts at 6:30 p.m. and tickets are only $4 for general admission and $6 for box seats. You can order tickets early by calling the office or online, or tickets can be purchased at the gate.

This sounds like a great deal right? But thats not all guys… We are ALSO going to have a live band! Local talent, Listen 2 Three, will be playing on the plaza prior to game time, and then again on the field after the game!

Ok ok, that’s all right? Wrong! Since July 3rd is a Thursday, we will be serving all of our beer and soda’s for HALF-PRICE just like a normal Thirsty Thursday!

So let’s recap. Fireworks, baseball, live band, and half-price beer and soda! All for $4! You can’t beat that anywhere in town! So come on out to Historic Grayson Stadium at 6 p.m. on Thursday to join in on the fun!

Hope to see you there!!!

Another Newbie

Hello Sand Gnats fans,

My name is Tara, I arrived in Savannah a week ago and was instantly thrown into a 7 game homestand. Tonight marks the end of the homestand,  and on top of that it’s a THIRSTY THURSDAY. I am pretty excited at the prospect of finally getting to experience one, after hearing the “buzz” about it for the last week.  The Sand Gnats will finish out their series with the Columbus Catfish, then will be hitting the road to battle the Yankee’s affiliate, Charleston Riverdogs before the All-Star break.     

I am originally from Maryland, but have spent the past for years at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. The move down here has been hectic, but I couldn’t be happier.  I am a die-hard mets fan and am very excited to be working for their organization.

Be sure  to mark your calenders for July 3rd, the Sand Gnats will be hosting a Men’s League All-star game followed by FIREWORKS!!!! Regular Thirsty Thursday sales will apply and it is sure to be a good time. So remember July 3rd- Grayson Stadium is the place to be!

MySpace Monday!!

Good Morning Sand Gnats fans!

Tonight is MySpace Monday here at Grayson Stadium!!! Check out the Sand Gnats MySpace page at myspace.com/savsandgnats.  Send us a friend request, print it out and bring it to the box office tonight, Monday, June 9th for 1/2 off general admission seating!!

By becoming our MySpace friend you will find out about all of our exciting promotions and discounts throughout the season! 

Tonight’s game begins at 7:00pm as the Gnats take on the Columbus Catfish!

See you at the ballpark!


Swing in!

P1010077.JPGHow’s it going Sand Gnat fans? 

For those of you that don’t know, your Savannah Sand Gnats staff work from the stadium.  Right here at the ballpark!  Sound pretty cool huh?  We’re housed in the small trailer on the 3rd baseline. We work all year long Monday through Friday 9am-5pm, even when the team is out of season or on the road! 

But anyway I’m writing to you from the big back room of the trailer.  Today, Thursday, June 5th, it is currently about 95 degrees outside and around 115 degrees in the back room of the trailer.  Unfortunately our AC broke on Monday and our office has become a hot box!  Luckily the City of Savannah workers have come to our rescue and are fixing the situation as we speak!!  So our staff is really looking forward to tomorrow when the AC will be up and running again!


We’re also looking forward to tomorrow because it starts another homestand!!  The boys are back in Savannah tomorrow night and we’re ready!  Tomorrow night kicks off with Bloomingdale Community Night presented by the MPC and we also have the Savannah High School Class of ’63 Reunion!  Postgame you will be in awe of our outstanding fireworks show!


Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on this week!

Friday, June 6: 7:00pm vs Charleston RiverDogs: Postgame fireworks courtesy of KIX 96, Bloomingdale Community Night presented by the MPC & the Savannah High School Class of ’63 Reunion courtesy of Fox & Weeks Funeral Homes


Saturday, June 7: 7:00pm vs Charleston RiverDogs: First Chatham Bank Night with free koozies to the first 500 fans! And Gnate’s 4th Birthday Bash!  Come celebrate with us and Gnate’s friends from the community such as Gus from GSU, Sporty, Truman from Kidsville, and more!


Sunday, June 8: 2:00pm vs Charleston RiverDogs: It’s Kid’s Sunday presented by CW 13 and BIG 98.3!  Kid’s its all about you at Grayson Stadium!  Come cheer on the Gnats then race around the bases AND get your favorite players autographs after the game!


SSGnats3.epsMonday, June 9: 7:00pm vs Columbus Catfish: Fans it’s MySpace Monday!  For all of you out there we want to become cyber friends!  Visit our MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/savsandgnats!  Request our friendship, print it out, and you will receive a half off general admission ticket to the game! 


Catch the Buzz!!