It’s really cold here this morning in Savannah.  I check my iPhone before I left the house and it said it was 23…that’s ridiculous.  A very cold, frozen Mike Passanisi blogging from the Sand Gnats headquarters at Historic Grayson Stadium.

I watched American Idol for the first time in a while last night because A. they were in the Yay Area (San Francisco) and B. all of my roommates watch the horrible television program.  The show didn’t disappoint, it was dreadful.  Did you see the girl who brought all the diagrams and stuff to the show?  She couldn’t even pronounce half the body parts she was talking about correctly, let alone sing. 

Other programming that was much better was the Obama Inauguration.  Obama is an excellent public speaker.  He sells whatever he is saying very well and I’m not one to dive into politics but I’m kind of excited to see what happens. 

On the Sand Gnats front, things are starting to pick up quite rapidly as we approach February.  Before we know it, Opening Day 2k9 will be here and that’s crazy.  Right now, I’m working on the design of our 2009 Pocket Schedule and still trying to finalize our group brochure (we’re waiting on a couple of loose ends) but those should hopefully be done shortly. 

I’m excited to see who the Mets invite to big league camp in a month or so.  I really think that Tobi Stoner, Josh Thole and Mike Antonini have a shot to be invited.  I would say one of those three could very well be a late season callup come September when rosters expand.  As for the ’09 Gnats, we still have no word on our coaching staff but it was around the beginning of February last year that we heard Donovan Mitchell was our manager, so that announcement might be coming up soon. 

Now how many of you are excited for LOST tonight?!  Probably one of the best shows on television in my professional opinion.  It’s crazy and confusing but it’s just so addicting.  For those of you that haven’t watched, I’d say rent the first season and you’ll be so hooked you’ll watch all of it in probably three days time.

Well, I’ve got to go put out a press release. Check back later today to find out what it’s about.

Over and Out


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