March 2008

Gnats vs. Timber Rattlers: VOTE THURSDAY!

Darren Rovell has released Thursday’s matchups for the CNBC Minor League Baseball Logo Tournament, and the Sand Gnats meet the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. I guess Mr. Rovell figured the Gnats and RiverDogs play 24 times in 2008, so an extra matchup in the logo tournament would be unnecessary.

Now is the time to spread the word to vote. Voting will begin Thursday morning (3/13) at about 11 a.m. EDT (11 a.m was when Rovell released tomorrow’s matchups).  Voting will conclude Friday morning (3/14) at 9 a.m. EDT, and hopefully results will be announced shortly thereafter of a Gnats victory that will coincide perfectly with the start of Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade (10:30 a.m. start). 

Tell friends, family and others to support the Sand Gnats with a vote on Thursday in the CNBC logo tournament!


Sand_gnats_full_logo Sand Gnats fans we need your votes!!  Yesterday started Darren Rovell, of CNBC’s Minor League Baseball logo contest! 

The contest includes 64 teams, all of them are ranked.  The logos are in brackets and going up against other logos.  Winners are determined by you!  The team logo with the most votes wins and moves on.  The contest will run from March 10- March 31.  Each day 10 teams will go head to head!  Vote for your favorite minor league logos!

Your Savannah Sand Gnats are a No. 4 Seed, check back here to see when the Gnats will go up against the competition! 

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