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… And We’re Back

By my count, it’s been two years and 84 days since we updated this blog. ¬†Yeesh, thats…. not good.

So, we’ll be making a point to update this thing daily to get you some notes and insight on the Gnats and life at Historic Grayson Stadium. ¬†We welcome comments and feedback!

Another Week Gone By

Well, we’re another week closer to Opening Day, which is a scary thought but also exciting.  The Mets announced our coaching staff this week so that was exciting and really makes you aware that the season is just around the corner. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Edgar briefly on Tuesday and he seems like a nice guy and is pretty stoked to come here and manage. There is only one returning coach from last year’s team (George Greer) while Nick Wright will be back for his second tour as Savannah’s Strength Coach.  We wish Donovan Mitchell all the best in Double-A Binghamton this season.

Did anyone watch LOST on Wednesday?  That was a good ending, I knew that Jin couldn’t be dead but now he is stuck in past with crazy young Russo..OH NO!  Another show that I started watching with some interest is “Trust Me” on TNT.  It’s about two guys working at the top of a Chicago-based Ad Agency and it’s interesting.  I also watched Eagle Eye last night, with Shia LeBouf and that was impressively entertaining as well.

On to college basketball.  ESPN has my San Diego State Aztecs as a bubble team with some work to do.  They’ve beaten Utah and UNLV (in Vegas) and were up by four with like 5 minutes left against No. 15 Ariz. State and only lost to Arizona by three I believe.  We are tied atop the Mountain West standings.  LET US IN! The last time we played in the tourney, I couldn’t watch beacuse we were hosting the first and second rounds so I had to work…

Things around the office are the same.  It’s been real cold here in Savannah (like in the low 20s and high teens at night) and sometimes people forget to leave the HEAT on in the office. 

Time for work


Who’s excited to hear my voice for 140 games next season?

So if you haven’t heard yet, the Sand Gnats have partnered with STAR 1400 AM to broadcast all 140 games in 2009 locally in Savannah!!!  I’m super pumped and excited because it means it makes it that much easier for you the fans to follow your Sand Gnats while they are on the road or if you’re late to the ballgame!  Big thanks to STAR 1400 AM.  It’s going to be a fun season and I’ll do my best to blog from the road as much as I can with tips on places to eat, visit and the like. 

Other than that, its same-old, same-old here in the trailer.  I’ve been putting a lot of time in designing themed templates and such for people around the office lately.  Nothing too exciting.  SCAD baseball has their first game Friday and it will be nice to have baseball back in Historic Grayson Stadium.  I’ve also been working with new headshot designs for the SCAD team so that hopefully some of them will translate to Gnats stuff when the season starts.  I like to test my stuff out before to see if everything looks cool and readable. 

That’s it for now.  Lost is on tonight so I’m always excited about that!



It’s really cold here this morning in Savannah.  I check my iPhone before I left the house and it said it was 23…that’s ridiculous.  A very cold, frozen Mike Passanisi blogging from the Sand Gnats headquarters at Historic Grayson Stadium.

I watched American Idol for the first time in a while last night because A. they were in the Yay Area (San Francisco) and B. all of my roommates watch the horrible television program.  The show didn’t disappoint, it was dreadful.  Did you see the girl who brought all the diagrams and stuff to the show?  She couldn’t even pronounce half the body parts she was talking about correctly, let alone sing. 

Other programming that was much better was the Obama Inauguration.  Obama is an excellent public speaker.  He sells whatever he is saying very well and I’m not one to dive into politics but I’m kind of excited to see what happens. 

On the Sand Gnats front, things are starting to pick up quite rapidly as we approach February.  Before we know it, Opening Day 2k9 will be here and that’s crazy.  Right now, I’m working on the design of our 2009 Pocket Schedule and still trying to finalize our group brochure (we’re waiting on a couple of loose ends) but those should hopefully be done shortly. 

I’m excited to see who the Mets invite to big league camp in a month or so.  I really think that Tobi Stoner, Josh Thole and Mike Antonini have a shot to be invited.  I would say one of those three could very well be a late season callup come September when rosters expand.  As for the ’09 Gnats, we still have no word on our coaching staff but it was around the beginning of February last year that we heard Donovan Mitchell was our manager, so that announcement might be coming up soon. 

Now how many of you are excited for LOST tonight?!  Probably one of the best shows on television in my professional opinion.  It’s crazy and confusing but it’s just so addicting.  For those of you that haven’t watched, I’d say rent the first season and you’ll be so hooked you’ll watch all of it in probably three days time.

Well, I’ve got to go put out a press release. Check back later today to find out what it’s about.

Over and Out



Hello Sand Gnats Fans, Community Relations director Tara Vaglica here. There has been a lot going on over here at Historic Grayson Stadium in the last few days. If you missed it, yesterday we hosted a press conference†announcing the re-signing of our lease with the city of Savannah and Grayson stadium, keeping the Sand Gnats playing in Daffin Park for another 2 seasons. We are also very excited to†announce†a new member to our staff, President R.C Reuteman. He comes to us with a wealth of experience, including working with 2 of the Sand Gnats sister teams, the Brooklyn Cyclones and Binghamton Mets. We are lucky to have someone with such a wealth of knowledge down here in Savannah. Our staff is looking forward to learning from R.C and†enhancing†the experience for our fans.†

HEADS UP! On February 13th and 14th, your favorite Sand Gnat, Gnate, will play the part of cupid and deliver flowers to your loved ones. Order forms can be found on our website. Also REMINDER- Saturday, February 28 will be the 3rd annual Chili Bowl Cook-off. Tickets are $5 †in advance and $7 at the door. Further information including registration forms can also be found on our website-†
APRIL 9TH vs. Augusta†
Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays!

Mike here wishing all those out there a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Christmakkuh, and anything else I forgot.  The Sand Gnats staff hopes that everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday season.

We will be taking some time off for the holidays as our office spreads back across the country to be with friends and family.  The office will be closed from Dec. 24 to January 4 and will reopen at 9 a.m. on Monday, January 5, 2009.  It’s crazy to think that a new year is upon us and that opening day is almost four months away!

I will be hoping on a jet plane heading back to the west coast (best coast) for the holidays.  Unfortunately there will be no snow, but it will be nice to have Cheesecake Factory and Jamba Juice close once again. 

We’ve been going green here at the stadium lately, and by that I mean the new turf is coming in real nice!  The entire field is almost done and once groundskeeper Andy Rock gets back from California he’ll cut it and get it into game shape for the Savannah College of Art & Design games that start in late January.

That’s really all I’ve got right now…see ya next year.


Congratulations Axyl Rose!

Xmas Tree 08.jpgFirst off, in this edition of The Buzz I would like to personally congratulate Axyl Rose of the band Guns n’ Roses for finally releasing Chinese Democracy.  Axyl is a true testament to following your dreams….

We here at the Sand Gnats hope all of you out there in cyberspace had a safe and fun Thanksgiving holiday as well as a productive and beneficial Black Friday!  We are back to work here for the next three weeks until the Christmas holiday trying to wrap up things before the year ends because once January 1, 2009 comes around, the season will be here before we know it. 

Our Inaugural Holiday Bazaar is coming up and will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on December 13 at Historic Grayson Stadium.  Admission is free so come on down and check out some crafts, get your gifts wrapped or hang out and watch a holiday film! 

Now I’ll take a little time to talk about my Black Friday….

Usually I’m one of those 4 a.m. shoppers along with my aunt and grandma but this year I decided to stay in Savannah for the holiday and neglected my usual routine.  I did venture to Target at 10 a.m. to find a vast selection of digital video discs (DVDs) for under $4, which was nice.  After that, I proceeded to head up to the Tanger Outlets near Hilton Head to see what sales they were having.  I went with the intention of buying presents for others but instead bought myself a new coat and some cheap shorts.  Oh well….

Are you on the social phenomenon known as Facebook?  Well if you are, become a fan of the Sand Gnats!  There is a link on the homepage of that will take you directly to our page. 

Groundskeeper Andy has finished overseeding the field and we are in the transitionary process with the old turf dying off and the new turf coming in.  Other than that, it’s business as usual at the ol’ ballyard. 

Time for me to sign off and get to work. 


P.S.   That’s me helping cut down our Xmas Tree

P.P.S.  Roll Tide…

Were Really Bad About Updating Our Blog


Broadcaster and Media Director Mike Passanisi here with you updating the blog early on a Wednesday morning.  We’ve added an event to our offseason calendar for December 13 as we will host a Holiday Bazaar!  The event will run from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. here at Historic Grayson Stadium and feature a crafts fair, gift wrapping, holiday movies on our video board and more!  Admission for the event is free and if you’re interested in setting up a booth as a vendor, contact Tara Vaglica at 

Ok, official business is out of the way..oh more thing.  Any bands interested in playing at our stadium before a Thursday, Friday or Saturday game during the 2009 season should also contact Tara.  We drew over 100,000 fans last season and Thursday-Saturday were by far our biggest nights.  It would be some good exposure for your band!

So what’s new around here…well…not much.  It’s been pretty cold here in Savannah over the past couple of days and it makes it really hard to run at night (that and the fact that its night time).  I think our new president-elect should propose a siesta time around the mid-afternoon so that I can go running and run errands in the daylight hours. 

Things continue to churn here at the stadium.  Groundskeeper Andy Rock has been laying new sod and is about to overseed our field here in the next couple of days.  So by the time mid-December rolls around we should have a pretty good looking field. 

Did anyone see my San Diego State Aztecs almost upset #15 Arizona State last night?  They blew a lead with four minutes to go and never recovered.  I guess that’s pretty good.  Better than the SDSU football team that loses by at least 30 points on a consistent basis. 

Time for me to get back to work. 


The Off Season…

Hello all you Sand Gnats Fans,

It has been a very long while since we last updated you on the goings on here at Historic Grayson Stadium. Although the players are no longer here, there are still a lot of things going on with the team.

Media Relations Director, Mike Passanisi, has been keeping up with former Sand Gnats players as they continue to play ball in Hawaii, Arizona and the Dominican so be sure to keep tabs on you favorite players! He has also created a few downloadable wallpapers to ensure, not only that you don’t forget what Gnate T. Gnat looks like, but also to help you plan your summer around the big Sand Gnats games in 2009.

If you have been longing to see the beautiful field and just can’t wait until April 9th (home opener against Augusta) don’t fret, there a bunch of off-season events here at Grayson. We recently hosted the Annual Small Dog Festival, and finals of the wiener dog races!! This included a costume contest, in which a cocker spaniel dressed as a mail man took home first place honors.

This coming Saturday October, 18 there is a hip-hop concert at the stadium as well as small carnival type event out side in the ticket plaza from 4-6. Make sure to come on out and say hi to the front office staff.

More fun events to plan for:
Chili Bowl Cook Off- February 28
Annual 5K- May 2

Alright well thats all for now. BUTTT i PROMISE there will be some more exciting news on the way. After all, we have to do something to keep ourselves occupied.

The Shorebirds arent on the shore!

Hello all out in internet world, broadcaster Mike Passanisi writing here from Salisbury, Md., home of the Delmarva, which stands for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, Shorebirds.  The Sand Gnats dropped the opener last night, 6-2, but look to rebound tonight with Rustich on the mound.

I’ve been a little under the weather as of late but still took some time out of my day to visit one of my favorite places, the mall.  Once again, I was left disappointed in this mall.  The mall in New Jersey was just average and this one was more of the same.  A lackluster assortment of stores and below average food court made up the Center at Salisbury.  Plus, I was misinformed by the gentleman at the front desk of our hotel on the walking distance to said mall.  He said it was one stop light down, but in reality it took almost half an hour to get there.  Luckily, the team bus was there when I wanted to leave and I got a ride back.

As for Arthur W. Perdue Stadium here in Salisbury, it’s not bad.  Built in 1997, the stadium is quaint and features a carousel located on the left field concourse.  I just had some chicken fingers as we are about to start playing here in about 15 minutes.  Nothing impressive, but maybe I just wasn’t hungry. 

I’d better get ready for the game…more from Salisbury(Delmarva) tomorrow

Hammer out