January 2008

Taste Test

As Lauren has already mentioned, this weekend the Sand Gnats staff will be at The Taste of Savannah.  We will have a booth set up where we will be sampling our ballpark hot dogs and roasted peanuts!  If I have counted correctly, there will be around 25 to 30 other businesses there sampling food of their own. I would like to officially announce I will be attempting to sample one food item from every single one of these booths.  Come by and see us if you’re there.  I will gladly be accepting any support in my goal.  I will follow up with another blog next week to tell you about what happened. 



Happy 25th Birthday

Greetings Gnats Fans!

It?s finally gotten back to the beautiful Savannah weather that I?ve missed so much the past couple of weeks! From my desk in the trailer I have a great view of our brand new SUPER green field and it looks awesome! The perfect weather and a ball field right out your window what could be better in January?! So here?s what?s been going on in Sand Gnatland and what?s coming up in the near future!

Gnate_and_hooters_girls_1On Friday, January 25th Gnate and the Sand Gnats office staff headed over to ******* to help celebrate their 25th Anniversary!  The Gnats were on hand to talk to the guests and offer information about the 2008 season.  Gnate greeted everyone that entered the restaurant with a big smile!  ******* at exit 94 off of I-95 will be hosting a big bash the 25th of every month this year to keep the celebration going! Hang out with the crew from Savannah Harley Davidson and the ******* Girls and all your friends.


Join us at your favorite *******, on 204 at exit 94 off of I-95 on the 25th of every month to grab a bite to eat, celebrate our silver anniversary and maybe go home a little heavier ? in weight of bills of course. Every customer will receive a scratch card entitling them to an instant $25,000 or be entered into a second chance drawing in which 25 lucky customers will win $1,000. Click here for official rules. Scratch Away to Win $25,000 every month! Visit www.*******.com for more information!

Next up is the Taste of Savannah!  The theme of this year’s event is Saturday Night Fever, come by the Sand Gnats booth for some of your ballpark favorites and to see our staff dressed to the theme!! The Taste of Savannah is Saturday, February 2, 2008 from 7-9pm at the Savannah Trade and Convention Center.   We look forward to seeing you there!

I’d better be going… I need to find the perfect outfit for Saturday!

Catch the Buzzzzzz!


Nine Innings With Josh Brown

Last week we started our countdown to Opening Day by restarting our Nine Innings with our Sand Gnats staff.  First up on the hot corner was Josh Brown and here is what he had to say:

1st Inning:
What is your favorite thing about Sand Gnats Head Groundskeeper Andy Rock?
think my favorite thing about Andy is whenever we go to a new stadium
or golfing, he always has to bend down and check out the grass/field
surface.  It’s awesome. 

2nd Inning:
About how tall are you?  5’…?

3rd Inning
What is your favorite place to eat in Savannah and why?
Jalapenos because I know everybody there.  I am a frequent visitor. 

4th Inning:
You just got a CD player installed in your car for the first time in a few years, how do you feel?

because it actually took me two years to get a cd player in my car.
I’m happy because I can actually make cd’s now.  Sad again because in
another year it will be obsolete and I still don’t have an iPod. 

5th Inning:
Bearded Josh Brown or Clean Shaven Josh Brown?
I liked bearded Josh Brown.  It made me look like a mountain man and
older.  Clean shaven is what other people preferred. 


Fans, what do you think?  Bearded or clean shaven?  Vote on the sandgnats.com homepage now!

6th Inning
I missed the season finale of the Hills, could you tell me what happened?

I decline to comment.  (Off the record, the new season starts soon and Groundskeeper Andy Rock is super excited about it). 

7th Inning:
Favorite thing about game days at Historic Grayson Stadium:

a hamburger and watching BP before the gates open.  Or when I get to
shag fly balls in the outfield during batting practice to show off my

8th Inning:
True or False.  You were the first person to drop Director of Media Relations Mike Passanisi’s iPhone?
true.  I was picking him up at the airport and I had never used an
iPhone before and while he was getting his bags I was playing with it
and I dropped it.  It didn’t break, it was on carpet. 

Turn your hats inside out, put them pointing straight up to the sky, its rally time in

The Gninth Inning:
Tim Tebow or Ken Dorsey?   
Chris Weinke
Facebook or Myspace? 
Flo-Rida or T-Pain?
T-Pain. More songs
Savannah or Statesboro?
Statesboro.  I went to college there.  I was there for four years.

Consider me Blogged.

Benton_1Hey Sand Gnats fans! I?m


, I?m 24 and I enjoy long walks on the beach and popcorn shrimp.  Just kidding, but I do enjoy the beach.  I work in the group sales department here at the Sand Gnats and I too am a first time blogger (is that a word?).  After a disappointing fall where I painfully had to watch my Carolina Panthers suffer an injury filled season (no I?m not a fan of Dave Carr anymore), I am ready for some Sand Gnats baseball!! 

Had a chance to watch the NFL conference championship games this weekend.  I could only imagine running around in -25 degree weather!  But I will tell you this, Mike Passanisi makes a mean spinach dip…….in a bread bowl.

Bring your office or a group of friends out this year for a night at the ballpark!  We have catered group outings and even birthday parties for the kids!  Give us a call at (912) 351-9150 and set up your date before the season starts on April 11th!!!




Rob Covino

Ben Will

Grounds crew assistants



Benton, Josh, and Beth

Mike, the Hammer, in the Guitar Hero competition

Benton Roark