August 2008

The Shorebirds arent on the shore!

Hello all out in internet world, broadcaster Mike Passanisi writing here from Salisbury, Md., home of the Delmarva, which stands for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, Shorebirds.  The Sand Gnats dropped the opener last night, 6-2, but look to rebound tonight with Rustich on the mound.

I’ve been a little under the weather as of late but still took some time out of my day to visit one of my favorite places, the mall.  Once again, I was left disappointed in this mall.  The mall in New Jersey was just average and this one was more of the same.  A lackluster assortment of stores and below average food court made up the Center at Salisbury.  Plus, I was misinformed by the gentleman at the front desk of our hotel on the walking distance to said mall.  He said it was one stop light down, but in reality it took almost half an hour to get there.  Luckily, the team bus was there when I wanted to leave and I got a ride back.

As for Arthur W. Perdue Stadium here in Salisbury, it’s not bad.  Built in 1997, the stadium is quaint and features a carousel located on the left field concourse.  I just had some chicken fingers as we are about to start playing here in about 15 minutes.  Nothing impressive, but maybe I just wasn’t hungry. 

I’d better get ready for the game…more from Salisbury(Delmarva) tomorrow

Hammer out

Front Office Staff takes the Field

Hey Sand Gnat fans!

Tuesday, August 12 was a monumental day for the Sand Gnat front office staff. For the past few years we have made the trip out to Sun City Retirement Community for an extremely competitive game of softball. It was not until this rainy day in August that the front office staff came away victorious. Following a lead-off triple (and superb slide) by our video production assistant Stephen Drewniany the Sand Gnats had a great first inning, including an inside the park homer by grounds keeper Andy Rock. Rock also hit a 3-run homer in the top of the second to further the lead.

Sun City made a stellar comeback in the bottom of the 5th, pulling with in 1, making the score 11-10. The Sand Gnats fought back, producing 5 runs in the top of the 6th, the max amount of runs allowed in an inning. Anchored by stellar defense the Sand Gnats held off Sun City, walking away with a 17-11 victory.

The Sand Gnats are 3-1 in competition this summer, taking first in the All-Star game Bowling tournament, as well as providing three members to the winning staff baseball game. Our only fall thus far has been a fifth place finish in our Annual Golf tournament at Lady’s Island Country Club.

We are a extremely competitive staff and are always open to a challenge. I will keep you updated pending our rematch with Sun City in early September!! Until then GO GNATS!!

On the Road…Lakewood, N.J. Day 3

Well I don’t know if anyone is reading this blog but if they are, this is broadcaster Mike Passanisi coming live from Lakewood, N.J. before game three of our series with the Lakewood BlueClaws.  I’ve been traveling with the team for the past two road trips and will continue to do so for the rest of the month of August.  So be sure to listen in as the Sand Gnats traverse the northern part of the U.S. as we have two more games in Lakewood before we head to Salisbury, Md. to face the Delmarva Shorebirds.

The bus ride was long (18 hours) but fun and we arrived in Lakewood at 2 a.m. Monday morning.  When we got to the park on Monday I was blown away by FirstEnergy Park and its awesomeness.  It’s amazing to look at the contrast in parks like Grayson, Lake Olmstead in Augusta and the one here in Lakewood.  The press box is kept quite cool and it’s been cold overall here in the North, with temperatures dropping into the low 70s high 60s at night. 

Mike Stutes was lights out last night, throwing 6.1 innings of no-hit baseball against the Gnats as the BlueClaws defeated Savannah 4-0. 

I visited the Ocean Park Mall yesterday and found myself very dissapointed.  Being a mall afficionado, this mall was lacking in some serious categories.  One, it didn’t have an Apple store, so that was a bummer.  Two, the eateries for mid-mall snacking were average at best although they did have a Ms. Fields Cookies!  Three, the quality of stores was just ok.  They had an American Eagle and Gap..all your standards but nothing outstanding.  It gets an overall grade of a C

Yesterday I also had my first experience at a Firendly’s restaurant.  The food wasn’t bad, I had a hamburger and fires.

One thing that does need to be in Savannah is a late-night convienece store of some type, a 7-Eleven or a Wawa.  They’re clutch early in the morning. 

Well, thats going to do it.  I’ve got to head to the park soon.  I’ll write when we get to Delmarva