Another Week Gone By

Well, we’re another week closer to Opening Day, which is a scary thought but also exciting.  The Mets announced our coaching staff this week so that was exciting and really makes you aware that the season is just around the corner. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Edgar briefly on Tuesday and he seems like a nice guy and is pretty stoked to come here and manage. There is only one returning coach from last year’s team (George Greer) while Nick Wright will be back for his second tour as Savannah’s Strength Coach.  We wish Donovan Mitchell all the best in Double-A Binghamton this season.

Did anyone watch LOST on Wednesday?  That was a good ending, I knew that Jin couldn’t be dead but now he is stuck in past with crazy young Russo..OH NO!  Another show that I started watching with some interest is “Trust Me” on TNT.  It’s about two guys working at the top of a Chicago-based Ad Agency and it’s interesting.  I also watched Eagle Eye last night, with Shia LeBouf and that was impressively entertaining as well.

On to college basketball.  ESPN has my San Diego State Aztecs as a bubble team with some work to do.  They’ve beaten Utah and UNLV (in Vegas) and were up by four with like 5 minutes left against No. 15 Ariz. State and only lost to Arizona by three I believe.  We are tied atop the Mountain West standings.  LET US IN! The last time we played in the tourney, I couldn’t watch beacuse we were hosting the first and second rounds so I had to work…

Things around the office are the same.  It’s been real cold here in Savannah (like in the low 20s and high teens at night) and sometimes people forget to leave the HEAT on in the office. 

Time for work


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