Non-Gameday Fun

The Sand Gnats are currently on the road in Greensboro, NC then they make their way to Kannapolis, NC for four games against the Intimidators (Dale RIP).  Which means they won’t be back at Grayson until July 25 for a Friday Night Fireworks Extraveganza.  So times in the office right now are feeling a bit like offseason workdays.  In honor of these offseason feeling days I feel it only appropriate to share with the fans some of our past offseason promotional days that fell through the cracks.

-Nicolas Cage Night:  Seriously…How great would this night be?  Think of the hours of footage available for between inning Nic Cage movie footage.  Between inning promotions that have fans see who can do the best impersonations.  Player headshots that feature Cage’s face from different movies maybe?  Rumor has it that his parents are Savannah residents.  Sand Gnats Driver and Label Placer Aaron Frank is hopefully still hard at work on finding Cage himself for the first pitch. 

-American Gladiator Night:  Fans could be the contenders.  Front office staff members could be the gladiators.  Pat Shaw in full body tights……

-Bad Idea Night: This night coined by Director of Client Services and Promotions Lauren Povia was actually a tongue-in-cheek comment for a DIFFERENT idea a fellow front office staff member had presented.  Still worthy enough for this list. 

-Rap Against Aaron Frank: This is actually a promotion where fans could battle front office staff member Aaron Frank in an Eminem/8 mile style rapping contest.  Of course Frank would probabaly always win, maybe one day a young phenom will come along and take his crown. 

-Jameson Billboard:  Ok, now I guess we’re getting a little out of hand.  We’re not even talking about promotions anymore.  But hey, as many times as I’ve heard this as a possibility I had to include it in the list. 

So these are some ideas.  Maybe one day you’ll come to the ballpark and they will actually be a reality!  Until then we’ll keep striving to entertain you with fun promotional nights like these!

Come to our next home stand starting on July 25 where the Sand Gnats will take on the Ashville Tourists. 

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