mikey_p_1.JPGOk, so it’s been a while since we wrote on our blog and we apologize.  We’ve had a busy first month here in Savannah with two long homestands to start the season.  The Gnats are on the road right now in Asheville wrapping up a four-game set with the Tourists. 

As a staff, we would like to thank all of those that came out to the ballpark during the first month of the season.  We had a great time and we hope that you did too!  When the team is out of town, we are busy getting ready for the next homestand.  On the media front, we still do game notes and help prepare stats for opposing teams while the team is on the road so that is what’s going on in my department. 

This past weekend I went to the beach a couple times and caught some rays…that was fun.  Those of us that went also bought a bocce ball set to play with on the beach.  I used to have better than average bocce skills but they’ve diminished without practice.  By mid-summer, I should be back in professional form. 

I’ll quit rambling now.  Go Gnats!


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