February 2008

I Keep My Promises

Mikey_p_2Well I said I’d have a quick little video of what our starting lineups might look like on our video board this season and I delivered!  It’s only 28 seconds long but let me know what you think by leaving comments on this blog after you’ve watched it.  I’ll take pros/cons/money/sweet tarts or anything else you’d like to give me!

*Note no actual players were used during this filming process although they think they are…

Download O8Lineups.wmv

Hello Gnats Fans

My name is Pat Shaw. I work in Group Sales and grew up 5 blocks from Grayson Stadium.  Come see me and all the Gnats at the Women’s Show this weekend.   We would love the opportunity to discuss all the plans we have for your 2008 Sand Gnats.   

                                     Your Home Team,


This ones for the ladies!

Ladies! This is for you!  The Southern Women’s Show has started and will go on all weekend!  Use this $1 off coupon to check out the show!  Wsa_08_sandgnats

We’re running a 2 for 1 special on FLEX PLANS which are being sold exclusively at the show.  (2 for 1 Flex Plan means you get 20 tickets to use at any game in any quality for ONLY $60!)

I was there yesterday to set up our booth and had a chance to walk around… it looks like there’s some pretty good stuff this year.  Vanilla Day Spa has a booth, there’s lots of sparkly jewelry, and bunch of booths with those great dips and preztels!(those are my favorites, they have sooo many different kinds of dips and i get really hungry from walking around!) There’s also a celebrity cooking stage and once again the Southside Firefighters will take the stage for their annual fashion show!

This just in… Aiden Turner, from "All My Children" will be cooking on the celebrity cooking stage… HE IS HOT!! Check out the show’s website at www.southernshows.com for more info! 

I’ll be there tonight along with everyone’s favorite local Pat Shaw!  Make sure you visit us, we love talking about all things Sand Gnats so come on down to our booth and hang out!   

Valentines Special Delivery!

Sand Gnats fans love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Tired of the normal V-Day delivery methods?  Are you looking to surprise that special someone in a unqiue way??? If you live in the Savannah area, you can have our mascot Gnate deliver those flowers for you!  For $80 you will recieve 1 dozen red roses, a personalized message and 2 tickets to a Savannah Sand Gnats game delivered by Gnate himself! Fax (912) 352-9722 or email (bentonr@sandgnats.com) the following form today!!!

Download ValentinesDay.pdf   

Taste Grade In

Taste_of_savannah_033_1 This past weekend the Sand Gnats appeared at the Taste of Savannah.  We served hot dogs and peanuts! I know many of you were waiting in suspense to see if I accomplished my mission of sampling a food item from all 30 booths. I am sorry to say I did not accomplish my goal.  Not to make excuses, but there were some rather large size portions! I did sample food from 17 of the 30 booths on hand.  Some of my favorites were Sticky Finger’s pulled pork sandwich, Moon River’s mini slider turkey burger and of course our Sand Gnats’ ballpark hotdogs! 

Come see us this weekend at the Southern Women’s Show at the Internaional Trade and Convention Center from February 8-10th.  I will be attempting to speak to all the females at every booth….JUST KIDDING! Go Gnats BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Its Been Awhile…

Mikey_p_1So I haven’t posted in a while and I figured it was time for me to check in.  Nothing too new to report from the Media Relations/Video Department.  I’ve been working on the designs for this year’s pocket schedule and magnet schedules so that has been keeping me busy the past couple of days.  I went down to River St. and took some pictures and some video so we’ll see what turns up in this year’s video board graphics and the like. 

If you’ve been to sandgnats.com since last Friday you’ll notice that our splash page has changed.  I hope everyone likes the new design and the actual website itself will be undergoing a redesign here over the next couple of weeks.  I’m working with our web host on some design aspects and things we’d like to see added to our site so come March you should be seeing a whole new sandgnats.com

On a personal note, I was very disappointed with this year’s Super Bowl commercials.  I only laughed maybe once or twice and on the whole found myself getting up to refill snacks during commercials more so than usual. 

Well that’s all I got for now, maybe later in the week I’ll post a video of you might see for our Starting Lineups in 2008 when you come to Historic Grayson Stadium



P.S. – It is my friend Jeff Shum’s birthday today, so Happy Quarter Century to You Buddy..I’ll join you in September…

Nine Innings with Pat Shaw

Nineinnings08p_shaw Its week two of the countdown to Opening Day 2008 and the second
installment of Nine Innings with the Savannah Sand Gnats finds us
talking to Account Executive Pat Shaw.  Pat enters his third season
with the Sand Gnats and we sat him down and put him on the hot corner.
Here is what happened. 

1st Inning:
How many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning?  Going along with that, what is the secret behind the Pat Shaw Coffee?
drink five cups of coffee on a good day.  On an average day, I’ll go
through about three cups.  There is no secret behind my coffee making
abilities, but I will only drink my coffee.  I am also looking for a
coffee sponsor so if anyone is interested, they can contact me at

2nd Inning:
Tell me about the summer of 1989
went to France thanks to Benicdictine Military School.  We we went on a
student exchange program with another school in Saumur, France.  The
program was sponsored by a winery and I was there for almost a month.
We started off with four days in Pairs and then we went to Saumur.

3rd Inning:
Being a native of Savannah, what is your favorite baseball memory?

John Smoltz rehab.  I was lucky enough to sit in the box seats when he
had his press conference.  I can be seen in the background of the press

4th Inning:

Where is your favorite hangout spot in Savannah?
Grayson Stadium.  It’s in my backyard.  It’s where I grew up.

5th Inning:
What is this I hear about a Reggae show

I had a radio show on 90.3 FM, the voice of Savannah State University.  I had my own show called Crucial Riddems. 

6th Inning:
Tell me about the origin of your nickname, Slaw Dog

Slaw Dog was a nickname given to me by Mike Orsini.  Apparently it sounded close to Shaw and it just kind of stuck. 

7th Inning:
As an avid concert-goer, what is the best concert venue you have ever been too?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Summit County, Colo.  I went to the Reggae on the Rocks Festival in 2000

8th Inning: 
Fans, this is up to you.  Who can grow the better beard?  Josh Brown or Pat Shaw?  Vote in the Poll!


The Gninth Inning
Widespread Panic or Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr. with Dave Schools on bass
Brooklyn or Savannah
Savannah, its my hometown
Georgia Southern or Savannah State
Georgia Southern.  I spent more time there.