This ones for the ladies!

Ladies! This is for you!  The Southern Women’s Show has started and will go on all weekend!  Use this $1 off coupon to check out the show!  Wsa_08_sandgnats

We’re running a 2 for 1 special on FLEX PLANS which are being sold exclusively at the show.  (2 for 1 Flex Plan means you get 20 tickets to use at any game in any quality for ONLY $60!)

I was there yesterday to set up our booth and had a chance to walk around… it looks like there’s some pretty good stuff this year.  Vanilla Day Spa has a booth, there’s lots of sparkly jewelry, and bunch of booths with those great dips and preztels!(those are my favorites, they have sooo many different kinds of dips and i get really hungry from walking around!) There’s also a celebrity cooking stage and once again the Southside Firefighters will take the stage for their annual fashion show!

This just in… Aiden Turner, from "All My Children" will be cooking on the celebrity cooking stage… HE IS HOT!! Check out the show’s website at for more info! 

I’ll be there tonight along with everyone’s favorite local Pat Shaw!  Make sure you visit us, we love talking about all things Sand Gnats so come on down to our booth and hang out!   

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