Getting Ready for Opening Night

A week under my belt here in Savannah, and so far, so good. Mike has been getting me acquainted with InDesign and Photoshop as we produce the program "SG magazine" and the media guide.

First impressions after a week in Savannah: The people, in and out of the office, are very friendly and hospitable. Secondly, the newly renovated field here at Grayson Stadium looks spectacular. Head Grounds Keeper Andy Rock and his staff have done a tremendous job with the playing field. I think the players will be ecstatic to call this diamond home when they arrive in April. Finally, Savannah has lived up to its reputation as a great place to live. With Daffin Park, Forsyth Park and the historic district, there is plenty to do in my free time away from Grayson.

It’s been fun getting to know the rest of the staff here, including Benton, Lauren, Jeff, Justin, Tasha, Michelle, Pat and Brad. Mike is a whiz on the Adobe applications we use so learning from him has been easy. We’re making good progress on the publications for the season and are eager for April 5th when the season gets under-way.

That’s all for now, check back in for more as we keep you up-to-date on the latest here at Grayson Stadium!


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