Bit by the Cupid Bug

Dsc_0569_3 So yesterday Gnate, the Hammer and I made some appearences around the Savannah area helping people surprise their loved ones with Valentines Gifts!  We first had the idea of just dressing me up in a cupid outfit, but decided it would scare people. It was an exciting day and fun to see the surprised looks on people’s faces!

On a more personal note, my Carolina Panthers are currently in process of making offseason moves for the 2008 NFL season.  They have cut Dan Morgan, Mike Wahle and will probably cut Dave Carr, DeShaun Foster, Keary Colbert and Mike Rucker.  In my opinion, they need to make some bold moves this offseason…last year they sat on their hands.  They need to draft an offensive linemen in the first round.  Then they need to sign at LEAST two of the following free agents: Michael Turner, Marion Barber, Derrick Ward, DJ Hackett, Bernard Berrian, Ken Hamlin and Corey Williams.  They definately need a WR and a RB first.  John Fox and Marty Hurney both know their jobs are on the line this year, so they will be making some big moves.  We’ll see how things turn out. 

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